Violent protest at the Mexican Presidential Inauguration

"YoSoy132" against Enrique Peña Nieto

A group of members of the "anti-peña #YoSoy132" are causing chaos and panic at the inauguration of the new President of Mexico today.

Images show how some people are not holding a peaceful demonstration as it was stipulated, and on the contrary the protest is full of violence, where young protesters threw stones and firecrackers at police officers and tried to tear down the fences.

The initial plan for YoSoy132 was not to break the security fence of the Chamber of Deputies, but police fired tear gas at protesters which sparked the chaos

Protesters first gathered on Friday at the Mexican Revolution Monument, where they slept and then left at 04:00a.m. (Mexico city local time) on December 1st towards the House of Representatives, which is where Peña Nieto was expected to receive the presidential sash.

Many of them were summoned by Twitter and other social media networks, which even Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called upon all citizens to assist the protest, which in an interview with Carmen Aristegui he said, "We will continue to move forward, they may have bought the presidency, but they will not buy our dignity."

Protesters shout as they march through the streets of Mexico City, "Mexico without PRI".

This is not the first time Mexico city experiences a situation like today, where six years ago at the presidential inauguration of now former President Felipe Calderon, there were also some protests which he was being accused of electoral fraud.



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