San Diego and Tijuana protest against the new Mexican President

Border region citizens reject Enrique Peña Nieto

TIJUANA. - Yesterday citizens from Tijuana and San Diego gathered to march in protest against the new Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto.

The protest started at 2p.m. which almost all of the participants showed up with banners, blankets, flags, shirts and other items that expressed their disapproval with the new Mexican president.

After having been gathered at the Cuauhtémoc roundabout for a while now, the protesters then moved to the Sanchez Taboada Boulevard towards the Downtown Area.

It should be noted that unlike other cities in Mexico, in Tijuana there were no known major mishaps, in which authorities monitored the protesters but no arrests were made or any large disturbances.

One might say that these movements are useless because they did not prevent the arrival of Peña Nieto to the presidency, but the idea of this march was for all of the protesters to share the same ideology with the rest of the citizens of Tijuana, but do it in a peaceful and respectful manner towards those who voted for him.

As the march progressed some members placed ads on sidewalks and walls around the area.

This event did not distinguish a specific age group, which the protesters that could be seen were from small children to elderly adults, and also not everyone who participated in this protest were all members of the

"Yosoy132 Tijuana" movement.

* Click here for the event photo gallery


VIDEO : San Diego and Tijuana citizens protest against President Enrique Peña Nieto

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