John McAfee captured at the Mexican border

He has been on the run from Belize authorities

This Saturday John McAfee was arrested at the border between Mexico and Belize.

The problems started about a month ago after a few arguments with his neighbor Gregory Faull, who was found dead weeks after McAfee’s pets were poisoned and died.

Authorities soon after tried to question McAfee about the crime, but McAfee was nowhere to be found and fled.

Even with his fugitive status, McAfee still kept on updating his blog and even gave an interview to CNN to clarify certain information the media was saying about him.

On more than one occasion John McAfee said that he would not surrender, and also would not ask for support from the U.S. embassy because he did not want become another Julian Assange.

There were also rumors that McAfee has had psychotic episodes after experimenting with some substances, which is also something that the computer anti-virus pioneer has denied through his blog.

Belize officials insist that to refer to McAfee as a fugitive is too much, and that they just want to question him about Faull’s murder.

McAfee believes that he has been targeted by the authorities in Belize since he refused to support a political campaign, and ever since he has feared for his life.

John McAfee is an important man in the world of computers and technology, but also has been marked by a series of controversies.

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