John McAfee escapes the country using a Russian double

Belize denies capturing the computer guru

Belizean authorities and the media denied the capture of John McAfee, whom had been mentioned before of his capture after some statements were made on his personal blog, where it indicated that he had been captured at the border between Mexico and Belize.

This morning a new publication that is presumed that McAfee made himself, indicated that he and a companion left Belize after a successful collaboration with a Russian double, who was briefly detained at the border.

John McAfee insists that his prosecution is the result for him refusing to participate in the corruption in Belize, which authorities insist that they only want to question him over the death of an individual who was his neighbor, and with whom he had several arguments with.

McAfee did not disclose any details of its new hideout, but only mentioned that he was safe and would return to Belize when his partner Sam was out of danger.

In the same publication McAfee criticized the international media for reporting his alleged persecution and detention, but without clarifying also that several members of his inner circle were detained for helping him.



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