Boy George was attacked by Mexicans

It all began because of a tweet

On Tuesday morning Boy George made an announcement, in which he said that he will block anyone who would insult him through Twitter, even if they were of Mexican descent.

It all began because of a tweet he had made which said, "Mexico has a hot new president and I hope he is good for the country!" Now with this there were a few sources of media who twisted it around or "accidently "misinterpreted it and instead said that Boy George had tweeted, "So the Mexican president is a tyrant. Well, if that's true Mexico needs good wishes."

Since this was released to the public Boy George has been receiving many threats and insults, which he has just decided to block anyone who would attack him in that form. Many of those who have attacked him have been mostly Mexican.

The representative for Boy George told TMZ that "George does not have any political motives, and does not even know the history of any of these candidates. He was only wishing the country good luck."

VIDEO : Do you really want to hurt me - Culture Club


Translation: Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com



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