John McAfee hires former Attorney General of Guatemala

His fight against Belize

John McAfee gave a press conference in Guatemala yesterday, which is the first time he has been seen in public after being on the run for several weeks now from authorities in Belize.

McAfee insist that he has been persecuted by the officials from Belize, due to some allegations he has made about the level of corruption in their government and for not contributing to political campaigns in the last four years, which according to him he has proof on audio and video of.

In the press conference McAfee stated that he would seek asylum in Guatemala, because he fears for his life in Belize.

He also invited the prime minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, to come to Guatemala and meet with him to speak about the situation, or he suggested also that he could answer any questions that the authorities from Belize have for him over the phone.

McAfee still resists from going to Belize to be questioned about the murder of Gregory Viant Faul, because according to him it is just a trap for him to go back, where he fears that they will do something else to him for neglecting to have participated in the web of corruption that rules the country.

In his blog he explains that since he abandoned his property in Belize, the police have gone and searched it 8 times already, in which they have probably planted some objects in, and have stolen cameras and computer equipment, even poisoned four of his pets the night before Gregory Viant Faul died, and one more was poisoned on the last search.

Telesforo Guerra who served as the Attorney General for Guatemala in the past, and who is now the attorney representing McAfee said that his client fears for his life.

In the last few hours McAfee has formally filed a petition seeking asylum in Guatemala, which he will be also seeking the aid of the American Embassy as well.

Through his personal blog he has also posted several messages directed to certain people, and has expressed his condolences for family members of Faul, whom he insists that he has nothing to do with his murder.

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