John McAfee suffers a heart attack in Guatemala

He was denied asylum and is asking for the public’s help

The attorney for John McAfee, Telesforo Guerra, informed the press a few moments ago that his client has been hospitalized urgently due to two mild heart attacks.

In the last few weeks McAfee has been the center of attention of the international media, due to him being on the run from authorities of Belize, who claim that they are just trying to only question him on the death of his neighbor Gregory Faul.

McAfee claims that they are just trying to set him up, because he had refused to contribute to political parties in that country and participate in their web of corruption.

Before his medical emergency, he had posted on his blog a message petitioning for his followers to communicate with the president of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina, and support him in his request that he had made formally for asylum that has been denied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harold Caballeros.

In addition to the post, McAfee also added a general format for his followers to use when sending the letter to the Guatemalan president.

**From John McAfee’s blog**

"President of Guatemala

Mr. Otto Perez Molina:

The international community asks through you to the relevant institutions in their country to be good enough to ensure the safety of Mr. John Mc Afee arrested in one of its prisons.

While it is common knowledge that a person is not guilty until proven so in court, it is not desirable to submit to an extradition without power state the reasons for his departure to your country. We would like to request to consider the request for asylum and the causes of the crisis.

The undersigned are convinced that we will live in a much more fair for everyone, whether in cases like this, anyone can carry out your order, and this is taken into account in the most prudent and transparent as possible.

That is why we encourage the state and institutions Gualtemaltecas to kindly consider the asylum request of Mr. John Mc Afee.

Sincerely I..."

Video: John McAfee



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