Baja California

Baja California shines throughout 2012

One of the best years for tourism in the state

VIDEO: Baja Culinary Fest 2nd edition closeout day.


One of the new biggest stars of the regions is the BajaMed kitchen, who has been exposed in many festivals like in the Baja Culinary Fest.Chefs like Miguel Angel Guerrero, Javier Placencia and Diego Hernandez have also received international awards and many interviews.

These chefs have also demonstrated the best of what the region has to offer with some of the their best dishes in which they use all types of local ingredients from natural resources that is accompanied by some excellent wine.

According to the Secretariat for Tourism, 90% of the Mexican wines are produced in Baja California, and that this wine industry has transformed the region by creating also a touristic route, which most of the flow of visitors come from different parts within the country and has been a great accomplishment.

Due to the effect that the vineyards have had on the region, different local and state government agencies have worked hard to improve the conditions of the roads, and have also created rest areas for those who come and visit the region in their vehicles.

There have been also several programs created and small economic credits for local producers, with the intention to influence their growth.

Our new strategy is not only for the wine route, which now will be known as the "cheese and wine route."

Baja California has been visited also by many international chefs like Rick Bayless, Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain who have also highlighted the greatness that can be enjoyed in this state, along with some of the best restaurants to eat at like Mission 19, Corazon de Tierra and the sensational seafood that is prepared by Mrs. Sabina at her street food cart "La Guerrerense" that has been also featured in Newsweek magazine.

Something noteworthy is about the tourism of Latinos from California, Arizona and Nevada who come to Baja California to celebrate family weddings, "quinceañeras", and also take advantage of their stay in the region by visiting restaurants and enjoying all of the events that may be happening.

The head director of the Secretariat for Tourism Juan Tintos Funcke also talked about a very important topic, which was in regards to the economic link that California has with Baja California, Mexico, "El Chaparral."

This new gateway for entry into Mexico started operating three weeks before it was originally planned for, and has better signs with 22 lanes that multiply the access for vehicles.

Residents from Baja California have also contributed to the local economy on the other side of the border as well, and are included in the number of shoppers that have helped increase sales by 20% throughout the Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For the upcoming year 2013, Baja California is expected to continue on this recovery trend that includes the grand opening of a new Convention Center, and the improvement of roads throughout the state, and also the increase of films that will be produced in the region along with more international celebrities visiting the state.

The recommendation that Juan Tintos Funcke made was to take advantage of Baja California, a very diverse state.




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