In Mexico, "we are all prisoners"

Streets stained with blood during protests

On December 1st, 2012, Enrique Peña Nieto officially became the new President of Mexico, and while the presidential inauguration ceremony was taking place, in several cities of the country there were many protests going on as well that turned violent.

The initial goal for many in these demonstrations was to express their disapproval and opinion, but instead the streets began to be stained with blood when authorities started to attack some of the protesters.

The images and videos of the protest were posted on many social networks, and after recent investigations regarding the incident where several protesters were arrested, it revealed that there was a group of them who were hired to cause chaos on purpose that result also in the arrest of innocent protesters, which many people are now demanding for the authorities to release them.

Both the Amnesty International and the International Human Rights Commission have been involved now in investigating Mexican authorities, because of several complaints of torture.

VIDEO: protester arrested and asking for help


There have been many cases now reported of those who have been arrested and also who have disappeared, and information regarding the whereabouts and safety of these people have been posted on Twitter with the hash tag "#Todossomospresos" (We are all prisoners).

Yesterday several known figures in that country released a video speaking about the situation.

VIDEO: "If one of us is imprisoned, then we all are imprisoned"

In Tijuana there was also a protest at Zona Rio that started at 2p.m., where a large group gather at the Cuauhtemoc monument and march towards the down town area.

According to the 6th amendment of the Mexican constitution: "The expression of ideas shall not be subject to any judicial or administrative authority, only in the case of an attack on morality, the rights of others, or if it encourages a crime or causes disturbances in public order, the right to information is also guaranteed by the State."

Mexican citizens are now demanding for those who are truly responsible to be punished.



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