BOX: Manny Pacquiao will be knocked down tonight?

Trainer said Marquez could surprise many

Boxing Hall of Fame member and trainer, Nacho Beristain said that he not only wishes for Juan Manuel Marquez to defeat Manny Pacquiao, but he is expecting for the Mexican boxer to put the Filipino fighter on the mat tonight.

Although he recognizes that it will be a difficult mission, the very experienced trainer from Veracruz, Mexico, said that the "Dinamita" has the qualities to achieve what Pacquiao has done with Juan Manuel in the last 3 fights totaling now 36 rounds.

"The idea is to win, the knockout is not required, but certainly I would be most happy to see Pacquiao at least once on the canvas" said Beristain prior to the weigh-in on Friday.

"Juan has the accuracy, speed and the courage to pursue him and if he catches him, he will do it because he wants to give Mexico the best win ever," said Beristain from the conference room of Top Rank in Las Vegas.

Beristain added that in the last fight between these two fighters, Pacquiao's corner was feeling very desperate because they knew that he lost the fight, which in the end the victory that was noticeable to everyone for Marquez never came.

In regards to whether there is some concern about what the judges will dictate; Beristain mentioned that they are only limiting themselves of doing their job, because everything else is in their hands.

"We cannot leave things in the hands of judges, we don't know in what mood they will be in at the time, we are going to do things well and what the judges say is already out of reach," he said.

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