Manny Pacquiao Knocked Out

Marquez is the "Champion of the Decade"

Two of the best fighter's in the world of boxing faced each other tonight again at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, where they didn't waste any time in the fight as soon as the bell rang.

Round 1: both fighter's came out swinging and Pacquiao took the advantage by landing more punches

Round 2: Pacquiao again dominated the round by moving around Marquez and landing his quick jabs and straight punches.

Round 3: Marquez began to get in his rythm by answering back with his counter punches and reacting to Manny's combinations, and as the round went on and Marquez got a lot more comfortable in the fight, he ducked under a couple of punches from Manny and came back with a right overhand punch to Pacquiao's temple and went down and hit the canvas.

Round 4: Pacquiao continued to control the fight and it looked like if this match was going to a decision again, which Manny ended with the advantage at the end of this round.

Round 5: Pacquiao began to move a lot smoother around the ring throwing combinations, and in one of them caught Marquez with a left hook that sent Marquez down to the mat.

Round 6: Marquez in this round put up a great fight which he was being overwhelmed by Pacquiao that was hunting him down to begin to finish him off, but with only 2 seconds left to go Marquez threw a straight right hand after dodging Pacquiao's punches and knocked out Pacquiao cold.

All the judges had Pacquiao up in the score cards( 47 Pacquiao, 46 Marquez), but before the 6th round began Marquez said that his coach told him, "Pacquiao is looking to knock you out, this was now the time for me to do it, to make history and to go after the K.O."

Bob Arum said that if the fans want it, "there should be a 5th fight, why not."

Pacquiao like a true gentleman accepted his defeat and that Marquez tonight was the better fighter and shook Marquez hand. He does not know if he will attend the press conference or go to the hospital.

Mexican Fans in Las Vegas are filled with joy and excitement and keep on singing nonstop. This fight and knock out will go down in history as one of the best ones, and it is an incredible end of a long history between these two fighter's.

Mexican fans now have a "Champion of the Decade" make history once again.

VIDEO : The knockout



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