Baja California

The Best of Baja 2012

Things to try, taste, and enjoy before this year is over

Looking for the best musical scene available we asked local celebrity and collaborator Tony Tee for suggestions, since he is well known for choosing the best places in town, even before they were all well known.

Here is his list:

Best Band or Musical Project

Los Macuanos

Video: Los Macuanos

Honorable mentions: Sonidero Travesura, San Pedro El Cortez, Dani Shivers, Maria y Jose & Siete Catorce.

Best DJ (House, techno & Disco)

DJ Wero (Jesus Lopez)

Honorable mentions: Cesar Coronado, Carlos Tarin, Kry-lon, & Das Falco.

Best Fashion Designer

Jorge Sanchez

Honorable mentions: Jaime Muro, Tarango Garcia & Alejandro Abarca.

Video: Tony Tee

Best DJ (Cumbia & Tropical)

DJ Chucuchu


Honorable mentions: Santos, Yelram Salectah, nombre apellido & Travolta.

Looking for the best input on the overall "good, nice & cheap" in Tijuana, we asked expert connoisseur Mr. Cachu Manrique on the topic and he said: "When it comes to being street smart there's no smartest thing than choosing the hottest spot to eat." Here is his list:

Best All-Around Taqueria

Tacos el Frank

Honorable mentions: Los Salceados & Los Troncos, Tijuana. Perrones el Yaqui, Rosarito

Best Cenaduria/Fonda

Cenaduria La Escondida

Honorable mentions: Cenaduria 11

Best Fish Seafood Tacos

El Mazateño, Tijuana

Honorable mentions:, El Dorado, Tijuana & Tacos Lily at Ensenada's black market

Best Tortas

Tortas la vuelta, Tijuana

Honorable mentions: Washmobile, El Turco, Tjuana & Tortas Yucatan, Mexicali

Last but not least even if it sounds like a paradox, one of the best foods in Baja is Chinese Food, and the place everybody recommends is the China House in Baja's capital city, Mexicali.

It's very hard to get everyone to agree, since all of us have a different point of view, taste and opinion. If there is one thing we all can agree on, it's that nowadays Baja California has plenty of good things to offer to natives and to tourist alike.

We hope you like our list of this year's Best of Baja, we would like to hear from you if you disagree with the nominees, and most of all we want you to have fun and enjoy your next visit to the Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosario, Mexicali and Tecate.



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