Fans pay tribute to Jenni Rivera

A true example of "si se puede"

From the moment that rumors began about the disappearance of Jenni Rivera, thousands of fans from both sides of the border started prayer groups asking for her wellbeing. Her followers kept their faith until the last minute for her safety, and after death was confirmed, various displays of affection were expressed by many people in the U.S. and Mexico.

The first thing that was very clear was the amount of support towards the Rivera family, then little by little in many cities in the country, her fans began to make altars in her memory with pictures, flowers and candles.

*photo courtesy of "Novedades de Tabasco"

The news of this tragedy was followed by thousands of others related to it, which surprised some people of how important this singer was and of the amount of love many had for her. She was a singer who always distinguished herself as a strong woman, a woman who just as fast as she would fall down, she would get right back up even faster, and this is a quality that not many like her were able to show.

Jenni Rivera was loved a lot by the Latino community in the U.S., and spoke both English and Spanish very well. She was always also interested in various genres of music, and her parents had emigrated from Mexico to the U.S., but overtime adjusted their immigration status and remained legally in the country.

Jenni was about 30 years old when she finally had made in the music industry and gained some fame, but before this she was working in real estate and raising five kids, and many times had to play the role of both mother and father.

She first got pregnant at the age of 16, which this is something that is very common among the Latino women.

This singer for many people was an example of true strength, someone who never stopped and continued on despite being a victim of domestic violence as well.

She not only moved on after this incident, but also created the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation to help other victims of domestic violence.

Although there were many scandals that surrounded her, she always was characterized as being someone who spoke about whatever it would be publicly. She always maintained herself as being someone who was very transparent with nothing to hide, and explained to her fans about any matter with the simple truth.

Jenni Rivera was

a true example of "si se puede" (Yes We Can), someone who has not passed away but instead has only just become a legend.


VIDEO: Jenni Rivera Tribute


Translation: Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com



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