Mexican Singer Jenni Rivera sings about her Funeral

"When a Lady Dies" one last message for her family and friends

It's strange how people who are not afraid to sing about their death, are those who end up leaving first, just like how Jenni Rivera did with her song titled "Cuando muere una dama" (When a Lady Dies).

This song was recorded as part of her album titled "Que me entierren con la banda," and it's a song where she describes how her funeral would be like and the way that everyone would celebrate her departure from this world.

When a lady dies is a song that now has become almost like an anthem that is being requested in almost every Spanish speaking radio station all day long. It's very strange of how in this song the request is also being made by Jenni herself, where she asks for everyone that ever loved her to be present at her last "big bash", and for everyone to remember her by the way she smiled and the way she cried.

The lyrics to this song also described her as some sort of "warrior", someone who would fight to the death for her 5 kids, and who would also fight her way to the top to be successful and not let anything or anyone stop her.

Her brothers and her father, Don Pedro Rivera, said that his daughter's remains would be buried in Long Beach, CA, the city where she was born in.

"So drink some beer and tequila, turn up the music loud and let some butterflies loose and clap your hands, because that's how you celebrate when a lady dies."



Translation : Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com



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