XoloPass on sale starting this Friday, your tickets for the upcoming soccer season

One of the most popular Christmas gifts this year

TIJUANA, BC. – If you are or have a diehard fan of the soccer team Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintlees de Caliente that goes crazy at the games, then this is a gift that should definitely be on your Christmas wish list.

For those who already have a XoloPass, the passes that will be on sale this Friday are specifically for you.

This is your chance to buy a few more because this date gives preference to current XoloPass holders only. The renewal dates are from Decembre 4th through the 30th, and the passes that will be on sale starting January 2nd through the 8th, 2013, are for those who are buying a XoloPass for the first time.

Xolo passes for the 2013 season of the first division Mexican soccer league will also get a 50% discount for games that will be played in Copa Libertadores tournament, where you will be able to witness the team play against other teams from countries like Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American teams.

This is one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year, which the sale of these passes will begin at 9a.m. at the ticket booths at Estadio Caliente in Tijuana and will end at 7p.m.

You can also purchase the tickets online at

For the 2013 season, the pass will be valid for a total of 9 games, which is one more game extra than last season, and the estimated prices are as follow: North Top (Cabecera Norte) end of the stadium $2,450 pesos or ($196.00 USD), South Top (Cabecera Sur) end of the stadium $2,900 pesos or ($232.00 USD), North Zone (Zona Norte) $3,400 pesos or ($272.00 USD), Zones 1 & 2 $4,350pesos or ($348.00 USD).

All passes include the following as well: Guaranteed access to regular season matches for the 2013 season, special newsletters , 50% discount on tickets for the Copa Libertadores, special access for certain scheduled team training sessions, access to special events organized by Club Tijuana, special offers via e-mail of raffles and discounts, and last but not least special preference for the purchase of playoff tickets.

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