John McAfee: The Movie

Running in the Background: The True Story of John McAfee

This morning John McAfee was released from prison after a judge ruled that his entrance to Guatemala was not illegal, although McAfee has not revealed his plans officially, it is presumed that he could return to the United States.

The past few weeks have been difficult for the computer guru who is still wanted by police for questioning for the murder of his neighbor in Belize, Viant Gergory Faull, whom McAfee had some problems with in the past.

McAfee insists that he has nothing to do with his neighbors murder, and that the authorities are only trying to get back at him for refusing to participate in their corrupt activities.

Throughout McAfee's stay in Guatemala he was put into an immigration shelter accused of entering the country illegally, and while he was there he also suffered a few mild strokes, but was able to communicate with the world through his blog as well.

While in prison he had a lot of access to a computer and the Internet, which he then began to spread evidence about the high level of corruption in Belize that has now become a personal war.

Former Attorney General of Guatemala, Telesforo Guerra, was McAfee's attorney who assisted him in Guatemala where Guerra's defense was crucial for his freedom.

McAfee had previously expressed his desire to return to the U.S., and finally it looks like that's the way it will be.

Impact Future Media might be the company who will be making a movie soon of McAfee's ordeal titled "Running in the Background: The True Story of John McAfee," which the specific date or other details have not been released yet.

VIDEO : John McAfee speaks about his return to the U.S.


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