Jenni Rivera's letter to her family

Envelope was left to her sister Rosie

The tragic death of singer Jenni Rivera has brought to light some sort of letter she had left to her sister Rosi to read to her family. In a song that she had recorded back in 2005 "cuando muere una dama," she had only mentioned this letter through her lyrics.

"That in my beautiful Long Beach there would be a big party, where my brothers would sing for me, and my mother hand out flowers and my father pictures, and my sister read my letter."

This news was revealed by her brother Pedro Rivera Jr., who said that she took pen and paper and wrote this letter about a month and a half ago, then handed it to her sister Rosie to keep and put away.

According to the CNN network Spanish news channel, Rosie will read the letter once they get confirmation from the Mexican authorities that the remains from the plane crash belong to Jenni.

Lupillo Rivera who is one of Jenni's brothers, traveled to Mexico to identify the body parts found in the wreckage to see if they were indeed those of his sister, but denied that they belonged to her, and the reason for this he said is because they do not have the scars that he knew his sister had.


Translation : Omar.Martinez@sandiegored.com



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