Drug smugglers new tool: "The Marijuana Cannon"

Drugs found valued at $42,500 dollars

Last Friday U.S. Border Patrol Agents found soup containers filled with marijuana near the Colorado River in San Luis, Arizona. These containers are believed to have been launched across the border from the Mexican side by pneumatic cannons, which the containers most likely traveled up to 500 feet in the air until hitting the landing area where they were discovered.

Authorities were first called by a citizen who lives near the area on the U.S. side of the border, after noticing some suspicious activity.

No one was arrested after Border Patrol Agents searched the area, where it is also believed that whoever was supposed to pick up the merchandise never showed up. Mexican authorities also searched on their side of the border for any suspects, but did not find anyone or made any arrests regarding the matter.

The marijuana that was found was packed tightly into soup cans that weighed about two pounds each, and the amount of the drug has an estimated street value of $42,500 dollars, which has been now scheduled to be destroyed.

Smugglers are constantly trying to find new creative ways to get drugs across the border, but have not been successful, and in a quick interview with a Border Patrol Agent from Yuma, Linwood Estes, he told ABC news that "the more and more successful we are, the more and more unique they become in trying to get the drugs across."

Underground tunnels and small aircrafts are still being used to smuggle drugs across the border, but let's not forget their most recent stunt a few weeks ago, where a homemade ramp was used to try to get an SUV over the border, but when it got stuck, the smugglers just left and abandoned the vehicle.



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