"Zetas" cartel rumor surrounding Jenni Rivera's Death

Refusing to launder money could have caused her plane to crash

After the tragic death of singer Jenni Rivera, there have now been several rumors and speculations surrounding the plane crash that occurred this past Sunday December 9th.

One of the rumors is that she might have been targeted for refusing to launder money for the "Zetas" cartel.

According to the news portal website SDPNoticias, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has opened up an investigation for the singer's death, where the possibility of criminals who are linked to organized crime in Mexico is thought to have been involved.

The article mentions that this is something that is very common for Mexican cartels to do, where they use various artists and athletes for money laundering.

The involvement of Jenni's husband, Esteban Loaiza, is also rumored to have contributed to this incident because of his involvement in this type of activity, and it is also believed that this may have been part of the reason of their separation before her death.

The singer died along with five of her closest collaborators, and her death has sparked a great deal of rumors, but nothing has been proving with facts.



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