DEA investigates Aircraft Company involved in Jenni Rivera's Death

Agency spokeswoman confirmed investigation

DEA spokeswoman Lisa Webb Johnson confirmed that the agency is now again investigating Starwood Management for possible links to drug trafficking, which this year a pair of aircrafts had been seized from by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, said Johnson without giving more details.

Entrepreneur Christian Esquino Nuñez, who is the businessman behind the company and so far is also missing, was deported to Mexico after several lawsuits and investigations.

Nuñez along other members of the Starwood Management organization have been involved in legal troubles since 1990 when he pleaded guilty to fraud, and who during that time was also linked to drug trafficking activities.

More lawsuits over the years have been filed against this company, not only against Nuñez but also against other of its members.

In a telephone interview with the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Nuñez indicated that he only was the operations manager of the company and that the night of the fatal accident, Jenni Rivera rode in the plane to decide whether she would purchase it or not.


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