Will a movie be made about the life of Jenni Rivera?

A film might soon be in the "works"

Jenni Rivera was always a strong figure for many Latinas, someone who knew how to overcome the challenges she would face, and who would also stand up for women everywhere, which is something that she reflected well in songs that she would perform like "Ovarios", "Inolvidable", "La Gran Señora ", and many more that would become a hit.

From the shyness of singing a song at the beginning of her career, to the family problems she had, and a few scandals that surrounded her including the recent separation from the baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

All of these elements that have shaped her life seem to be the perfect recipe for many to produce a blockbuster hit.

Interestingly, Jenni Rivera was recently part of a film called "Filly Brown", in which she played the role of "Maria Tonorio" who was the mother of the main character "Gina Rodriguez", who in the film is an aspiring hip-hop singer.

This film premiered last week at the Sundance Film Festival where it received good reviews.

For now a film being in the works are just speculations, and the only thing that there is to do is just wait and see what will happen, and find out who will play the role of Jenni Rivera on the big screen.




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