Justin Bieber offended Manny Pacquiao

7 members of Congress demand a public apology

Pop star Justin Bieber has caused quite a bit of controversy, by posting pictures of the recent knockout of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez.

Bieber uploaded these pictures onto his Instagram account, which then almost immediately his fans criticized him for doing so and responded to his post by saying that it was disrespectful, and that he had just lost a few fans because of this.

*Pictures uploaded by Justin Bieber

Seven members of Congress from the Philippines today demanded an official public apology from the singer, and not only an apology towards Manny Pacquiao, but also for all the people of the Philippines, or he may be banned from the country.

These officials have requested for their citizens not to buy any merchandize with the singers name on it, and to also not assist his concerts until he publically apologizes for his bad judgment and actions towards Manny Pacquiao.

Many people witnessed the boxing match on December 8th, where Pacquiao was defeated by Juan Manuel Marquez, and as of the result of the knockout that Pacquiao suffered in the fight, he has now been suspended from boxing for at least 4 months while he undergoes a few more medical examinations.

Justin Bieber has not commented on this matter, but members of Congress from the Philippines are expecting a response from the singer.





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