California: 3rd place in the country in Hate Crimes against Latinos

FBI reports a sum 7,713 victims so far

A report released by the FBI revealed that the sum of hate crimes that have been committed in 2011, add up to 7, 713 in the U.S. so far, and although the most affected ethnic group in this report are Latinos, there has been a decrease by 31% from the previous report.

Others affected following Latinos in this report are women and people with different sexual preferences.

Among all of the cities in California, San Diego was in second and Los Angeles was in first place with the most hate crimes reported, which in San Diego the report mentions that there are 13 known active groups who commit these types of crimes.

California currently stands in third placed in the country regarding hate crimes against Latinos. Pennsylvania with 1,372 hate crimes is in first place, and in second is the state of Texas with 1,027 hate crimes that were reported in 2011.


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