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Mexican Wine and the American Woman: Bees in the Vineyard

Did you know that the flowers on grapevines are self-pollinating? So why are there bees in the vineyard?

Bees in the vineyard are relocated to another 'hive' area on a frame created by Antonio.

The honeycombs are gently removed and put into new frames and then inserted into the new house Antonio has constructed. Not only is he an architect of things like cavas, but he engineers bee houses!

The honeycombs that contain the bulk of the honey were removed and set aside for me to take home and conquer. That would be the next day's work (and I had no idea how disastrously messy it would be!), Antonio and I took our crate of honeycombs, removed our bee suits and headed back to the proverbial ranch . I immediately open a bottle of "Solo Tango," my Zinfandel, and happily toasted to only being stung once.

Here's to no more bees in the vineyard, but to bees being happy, and to self-pollinating grapevines!And here is to Antonio, as well…he is opening Mundo Abeja (World of Bees) in Ensenada, 646-135-3734, and there you will be able to find everything needed to set up beekeeping, should you so desire. He will also have honey to purchase and there is going to be a beehive behind a glass wall so you can see how they work;l On Sundays, children are invited to come and learn about bees, as well.

No more bees in the vineyard…time to get back to working on my wine!

Jo Ann Knox Martino, the American Woman who is a regular contributor to,is a former film producer, now winemaker, living in Baja's wine country.

Stay posted to read her occasional blogs about an American woman-winemaker living in Baja.

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