Beauty Queens, Drugs, Fast and Furious

Guns found are linked to failed "Fast and Furious" operation

Beauty Queen, Maria Susana Flores, who was the winner of the beauty contest for the state of Sinaloa 2012, died three weeks ago during a confrontation between drug dealers and Mexican police authorities from Sinaloa.

This tragedy again has put some light onto this type of incidents, which is not the first time this happens, where a beauty queen is involved with criminals from certain cartels or other criminal organizations.

In a special investigation done by CBS News, it revealed that some of the weapons found at the scene of the shootout, were weapons from the failed "Fast and Furious" operation from 2009.

The Fast and Furious scandal unleashed a series of investigations, which found that the person who purchased more than 700 weapons in Arizona, was Uriel Patiño who would make these purchases to provide the weapons to criminal organizations, and when these weapons got lost during the operation where ATF agents were hoping that it would lead to a cartel leader, both U.S. and Mexican officials had to get involved.

It is not uncommon for criminals to put ads in border town cities in both countries, where ordinary people like Patiño give into making these purchases for a profit.

90% of the weapons that are seized in Mexico come from the United States.

New U.S. gun control policies might have an effect on the amount of weapons that are trafficked into Mexico, but for the meantime both the U.S. and Mexico struggle with different types of tragedies with a common source, weapons.


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