Tijuana spearheads the change in Mexico?

This success has made some noise beyond the city's borders

As an example of the new economic era that Mexico is going through, Tijuana leads the way as a sign of this development. This city for some time has been almost like a technological paradise in Mexico, which currently the medical and aerospace industries have also been integrated in this process, and has made Tijuana practically the city with the most employment for medical device manufacturing in North America.

This success has made some noise beyond the city's borders, where even the daily newspaper "The Guardian" has notice this change and mentions that if Mexico takes advantage of this economic growth and capitalizes on it, then the country could find itself as being the best economy of Latin America, which currently the best economy in Latin America is that of Brazil.

Economy experts, Carlos Elizondo, Rogelio Ramirez de la O and Noe Fuentes have expressed that Mexico's economic future looks promising and will continue to have a stable economic growth.

Despite the fact that half of the population in Mexico still lives in extreme poverty, the biggest change in the last few years has been the growth of the middle class.

Tijuana is no longer a violent city as it was known as a few years ago, and the growth of new industries or the birth of new restaurants have spoken well of the city that now reflects its purchasing power.

The opening of cultural centers and the promotion of the arts and festivals, which can be enjoyed by its residents and visitors alike, have been also big part of this big change in the city.

*Courtesy of Tijuanarte

The short distance between the U.S. and Tijuana has also been an important factor in the technological development, which in the region such events like "Startups "are now organized, where young men and women present interesting projects hoping to attract the attention of an investor for financing.

Now, what could hold Mexico back? Economic and political experts agree that it will all depend on how the new government led by President Enrique Peña Nieto will respond to the needs of the entire country.

Mexico needs to be more competitive by eliminating the monopolies that currently exist in the country, and make new energy and education reforms along with a new strategy for public safety.

All of these changes could lead to the growth in jobs for a new generation.



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