79 convicted felons pardoned on Christmas Eve

One right that can be restored is that of owning a firearm

Everyone who received a pardon on Christmas Eve by the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, has lived an "honest life" for more than a decade and has completed their sentence, the governor's office said on Monday.

The pardons given by the governor will not erase these convicted felons criminal records, but it can restore some of their rights depending on the types of crimes they had committed.

One right that can be restored is that of owning a firearm, but only if their conviction did not involve the use of a dangerous weapon.

These are some of the people who were given pardons: Charles Norfleet Hughes, Crystal Lynn Fimpel, Lawrance L'Heureux, Frank Morino, Silvester Jermaine Jackson, Michael Charles Renwick, Brian Thomas McGlynn.

Most of the pardons that were given on Monday went to those who were convicted of crimes related to drugs.




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