Starbucks fights against the "Fiscal Cliff"

"Come together", message on a cup

"Come together" was a phrase made popular through a song from The Beetles, but now it will be a phrase that will be written on Starbucks cups to send a message to those in government, it will be part of their campaign against the fiscal cliff.

The CEO of the company, Howard Schultz, has given out orders to employees of about 120 locations in the areas around Washington, to use that phrase on Thursday and Friday to transmit the message, especially to those who don't agree with the current situation and the possible solutions or alternatives, and hopefully "come together" will unite the people and politicians for a solution to this problem.

The company is looking to spread this message by having it written on their cups, on their accounts in social networks, and also in advertisements through The Washington Post and The New York Times.

This is not the first time that Starbucks is involved in political issues, but in this occasion they are part of a group of businessmen, political and financial experts , the "Fix the Debt" campaign, so that U.S. law makers can put the financial status of the U.S. back in order.

Through a telephone interview with Reuters, Howard Schultz said, "we're paying attention, we're greatly disappointed in what's going on and we deserve better."


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