Fighting against drug cartels in Mexico with Google

Will it work?

A student from Harvard University, Viridiana Rios, created a new tool that gathers information and tracks down Mexican drug cartels, and can be also be used by Mexican authorities.

Rios is only one out of many people who are now using technology to fight against drug trafficking and insecurity in Mexico.

As you may have read in a previous article that was published here on SanDiegoRed about this topic, there is also an app (RETiO) that was developed towards this effort.

To learn more about Rios project, visit this link.

Political Science professor from the University of Texas, Dr. Tony Payan, does not consider this new tool by Rios to be a useful one in the fight against drug trafficking, and far less the website being a good source of information for this.

The reason why it's not a good tool is because this fight is far too delicate to be fought in this form, and by using the internet and other sources that are not reliable is not a good idea.

Anyone can "hack" an account and provide or release incorrect information.

Dr. Payan said, "I think it's very ingenuous to think that technology by itself will solve the war against drug trafficking."

Fighting against drug cartels in Mexico with Google, will it work?



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