Xolos calendar in the 2013 Copa Libertadores

Tijuana will debut on February 19th; will play first home game on the 26th of the same month

RIVERSIDE, CA.- The South American Soccer Confederation (Conmebol in Spanish) has published the 2013 calendar for the Copa Libertadores de América, where Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente will play against South of the continent rivals.

Xolos will play on Group 5 together with SC Corinthians Paulista from Brasil, Millonarios from Colombia and San José Oruro from Bolivia.

Club Tijuana will start its historic quest on February 19th while visiting the Colombians in Bogota; meanwhile on February 26th the border squad will play its first home game when San José Oruro visits the field of Estadio Caliente.

After that the current World Club Champion, Corinthians, will visit Caliente stadium on March 6 at 5PM; and Tijuana will travel to São Paulo on March 13 to visit the "paulistas".

The last 2 matches of the Group Phase for Tijuana will be on April 3rd, visiting Oruro to play against the Bolivian team; and closing at home on Wednesday April 10th, receiving the current champions of the Colombian football, Millonarios.

Here is the full schedule of Group 5:

02.19.2013 | 19.30 | Millonarios (COL) vs. Xolos Tijuana (MEX)

02.20.2013 | 21.00 | San José (BOL) vs. Corinthians (BRA)

02.26.2013 | 19.15 | Xolos Tijuana (MEX) vs. San José (BOL)

02.27.2013 | 22.00 | Corinthians (BRA) vs. Millonarios (COL)

03.06.2013 | 17.00 | Xolos Tijuana (MEX) vs. Corinthians (BRA)

03.07.2013 | 21.45 | Millonarios (COL) vs. San José (BOL)

03.13.2013 | 22.00 | Corinthians (BRA) vs. Xolos Tijuana (MEX)

03.14.2013 | 20.30 | San José (BOL) vs. Millonarios (COL)

04.03.2013 | 18.45 | San José (BOL) vs. Xolos Tijuana (MEX)

04.03.2013 | 20.00 | Millonarios (COL) vs. Corinthians (BRA)

04.10.2013 | 22.00 | Corinthians (BRA) vs. San José (BOL)

04.10.2013 | 18.00 | Xolos Tijuana (MEX) vs. Millonarios (COL)

Host teams are on the left.



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