Mexican Government amends law to set rioters free

13 males and 1 female

MEXICO. – Detainees accused of vandalism on December 1, 2012, during the inauguration of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, 13 males and 1 female left prison yesterday after their bail was paid, informed judicial sources.


According to sources in the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, the first out of prison was Bryan Reyes, 26, whose bail was set at $ 7,680 (USD) and was charged for "disturbing the peace and public mischief."

The other 13 detainees had to cover a bail amount of $ 3,072 (USD) imposed by Judge Maria del Carmen Patricia Mora, according to sources.

The detainees were able to receive the benefit of bail by the adoption this week from a decree of the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City, which amended the local Penal Code, so that the crime of disturbing the peace was no longer considered a severe crime.

This reform was driven by the dominant political force in the capital's legislature, the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).

These 14 detainees were the last ones who remained in prison after the release of 55 others on December 9, who were all set free for lack of evidence of their involvement in vandalism acts linked to protests against Enrique Peña Nieto's presidential inauguration.

So far the 13 men who were detained have been now set free, and in the next few hours it is expected that Rita Neri Emilia Moctezuma, who was the only woman detained in the riot, will be also release from prison.

The riots of December 1, 2012, caused significant damage to the historic center of Mexico City, which is near where the Mexican Presidential Inauguration was held.


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