Hugo Chavez health worsens

He had delivered a message before his operation

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, suffered health complications after undergoing a fourth operation in Cuba. This puts a new twist in his fight against cancer

Nicolas Maduro, who is the Venezuelan Vice President, came to the island to visit Chavez who has not appeared in the public eye for three weeks, which the rumors about his condition are not encouraging. Maduro is expected to remain in Cuba while the president's health evolves.

Hugo Chavez had delivered a message before his operation, where he indicated to the nation that in case the worst happens, Nicolas Maduro would serve as president of Venezuela and that the people should elect him in the next election.

A few weeks ago, Hugo Chavez was re-elected as president of Venezuela, and this would be his third term as leader of that nation.

Respiratory complications are the new chapter in the disease that has attacked Chavez since 2011, but this time it was the first occasion that Chavez spoke of a possible successor.

Public celebrations for New Year’s Eve have been canceled in Venezuela, and everyone is being asked to pray for the Presidents health instead.


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