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Mexican remedies for hangovers

They are world famous

Happy New Year to all our readers and to those who cheered several times and woke up with a slight headache, unexplained thirst, intolerance to light and the typical "I won't do that again", which all adds up to be what's called a hangover.

Here are a few 100% Mexican remedies that are known worldwide, and that will leave you wanting to do it again.

Clamato: serve in a tall, chilled, sweaty glass with chili powder and salt at the rim. The clamato (tomatoe juice) is always a good remedy for hangovers and if mixed with a beer, it's even better.

Mariscos: A rich, fresh and spicy "Aguachile" dish is an excellent cure. This dish consists of shrimps, onions, cucumbers, pepper and a lot of lemon juice. Besides being a tasty combination, it will bring you back to life and it's just what the doctor prescribed to help you heal. This "Mariscos" remedy is not based solely on Aguachiles. You can also try a broth of seafood, fish tacos, shrimp or any other seafood varieties offered in the region. If you are going to continue the party, be a tourist of this state and get to know the true cuisine of Baja California and heal your ailments.

Huevos with Nopales: A tasty and easy to make dish which is just scrambled eggs with nopales. You can also add a sauce so it to taste better, and don't forget to add salt for some flavor.

Menudo: This dish is a very Mexican home remedy dish for hangovers that has existed in Mexico for a long time.

This soup is a bit spicy and goes well with some oregano grains and is delicious with lots of lemon and chili powder, which many people decide to eat this soup even without being hung-over. Accompany your soup with a cold Michelada or Clamato.

Michelada: Many believe that continuing to drink alcohol in the morning achieves that "connect" drunkenness, but a small mug of beer with lime and salt will cure your ailments without having to "connect" anything.

Chilaquiles: tortilla chips, salsa, eggs, cheese, beans and cream together in a single dish, is one of the most popular and delicious options to cure hangover.

Swordfish: It is not the most popular or the cheapest way to cure a hangover, but it almost works instantly. A big juicy well-cooked swordfish fillet will fill your belly with one of the best Mexican seafood dish.

Agua de horchata: If you do not plan to continue drinking and really won't do it again, then some horchata is the ideal remedy for you.

Horchata is typically ice cold rice water with a hint of cinnamon.

Torta Ahogada: This sandwich is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and is made of carnitas (pork) and refried beans bathed in a spicy sauce. It is one of the most famous and effective remedies for curing hangovers for those who had one drink too many after the party.

These are among the most popular remedies in Mexico, and if someone else knows of any other that this list might have missed, please share it with others because today is mostly likely a day that a lot of people are looking for a cure with desperate cries of "I will never do it again!"

Remember be responsible when you drink, after all, you woudn't want to end up like these guys...

The Hangover
The Hangover





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