Hugo Chavez is on life support

Cuban and Russian Doctors recommend no further action to be taken

According to reports of the newspaper ABC from Spain, the only thing that is keeping the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez alive, is artificial life support in the hospital in Havana, Cuba, where he has been hospitalized since December 11, 2012.

Information that has been given by the Venezuelan government is contradicting. Jorge Arreaza, who is the Minister of Science and Technology and the President’s son-in-law, said that Chavez had reached the end of the year "peaceful and stable", while Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's vice president said the situation was "delicate".

43.4 inches of Chavez small intestine has been removed, and is also suffering with constant fever, unresponsive to antibiotics and loss of consciousness. Adding to this, he also underwent a tracheostomy due to an infection that caused fluid retention in the lungs, as well as kidney failure. Chavez will continue to be hospitalized going into 2013.

Cuban doctors working with a group of Russian doctors found that the metastasis on bones and spinal cord of Chavez is progressing rapidly; his health is so delicate that any further actions to be taken are not recommended.

More information about the president's health is being expected soon, since previously it was speculated that on Monday Chavez would be disconnected from life support, which was something that did not happen. Reports of his death have yet not been official, but there are many that say that this is something that is now inevitable.


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