Mexico: The amount of armored vehicles increase

Most purchases are made by the private sector

MEXICO. - An industry source said, because of the wave of violence and insecurity that plagues the country, the amount of armored vehicles in Mexico ended in a total of 3,102 units this year, and is 10% more than in 2011.

The president of the Mexican Automotive Armor Association (AMBA), Fernando Echeverri, acknowledged that this year 70% of purchases of armored vehicles were made by the private sector and the rest to various public entities.

Armored vehicles are "now more related to issues of public safety, private and even national, while authorities close the path of criminals," said the executive in a statement.

According to Echeverri, buyers are now choosing levels of armor capable of containing firearms that are used by criminal organizations.

The most requested brands of vehicles to be armored are Suburban, Tahoe and Jeep Grand Cherokee’s. This industry has taken off in Mexico because of all the crimes associated with drug dealers. Last year alone there were about 11,000 murders linked to these activities.


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