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Beer-vana in Tijuana, BCB Tasting Room

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When they opened a few months ago the food was your standard brew pub fare but that has changed considerably with the hiring of Chef Alberto Cancino. Like many of Tijuana's rising crop of young chefs Alberto graduated from the Culinary Art School and has worked abroad at Michelin rated restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid.

On this night I sampled a German sausage with mustard sauce, a really good cold cut pizza, a perfectly cooked juicy rib eye and a pork belly appetizer made especially for yours truly. I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised by each plate.

For dessert BCB has a few options such as tiramisu with a stout beer reduction and crème brulée but I decided to stick with beer!

Some of the great things about the craft beer scene in Tijuana is that all the brewers know and support each other and that everybody is totally into it. The last couple of times I have been there I have run into local and international celebrities such as Fussible and Hiperboral from the acclaimed Nortec Collective and Derrik Chinn who runs Turista Libre. On this occasion I ran into the three guys behind Silenus Brewery in Tijuana and I spoke to them about how they started. They mentioned the San Diego influence and said that they took beer making classes at Ramuri. I also ran into a group of three friends from the USA who were visiting BCB.

VIDEO : What do they think about Tijuana? Is it safe?

Steve who is originally from Long Beach but now lives in Tijuana brought his friends Adrian and Jeff down to check out the scene. I asked Jeff from the OC about his experience in Tijuana and he said "I feel just as safe as I would in San Diego". He mentioned that his favorite brews so far were Insurgente's Lupulosa and Nocturna.

They all mentioned that they enjoy the different atmosphere in Tijuana and the lower prices for almost everything. I asked them about getting back home and they said they usually walk across at night which takes about fifteen minutes and then they take the trolley.

The craft brew scene is taking off throughout Mexico and especially in Tijuana. Having grown tired of the duopoly held by Modelo and Cuauhtémoc breweries and their bland offerings micro-breweries are springing up all over Mexico to the benefit of all us beer drinkers. Tijuana is Mexico's craft beer capital and the BCB Tasting Room is the capital in Tijuana.


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