The future of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro insists that the president will take office

Something that has also attracted a lot of attention and is circulating in social networks, is a letter allegedly written by Chavez ex-wife, but it was actually written in 2011 by Saul Godoy Gomez, who is a Venezuelan columnist. In the letter, Gomez criticizes the life of Chavez and his way of governing. The letter states:

"Some considerations about your death: I do not want you to leave this life without us saying goodbye, because you have been a great evil to many people, you've ruined entire families, have forced legions of fellow countrymen to migrate to other lands, have left countless homes in mourning, and locked them up in cells that not even animals deserved to be in, insulted them, humiliated them, mocked them, not just because you thought you were powerful but also immortal, because the end of times was not with you.

But your turn has now come and the deadlines are over, the terms of your contract has come to an end, and your "life cycle" is going out gradually and not in the best way, which you will probably die in bed surrounded by family members and scared, because you will be held accountable once you give your last breath. You are leaving this life filled with anxiety and fear.

Present will be all of the priests, who you have persecuted and insulted. The representatives of the Church that you abused out of pleasure, and whom of course will give you your last rites and holy oils, not only once but many times, but both you and they know that it will not help, it's just to calm the panic that has gripped your soul at the moment that defines everything.

You die and suffer from eviction, immunological complications, and the terrible side effects of the cures that promised to lengthen your life. Your organs are shutting down one by one, and your powers are losing their sheen that characterizes them, and your liquids are collected in plastic bags with the stench of death that disgusts you so much.

Tell me now before they apply a new injection to ease the unbearable pain you suffer, is it worth you telling me that no one can take away what you have done?, ah! The trips around the world, the wonderful palaces that welcomed you, the military parades in your honor, the limousines, the honorary degrees, the floors of the five-star hotels, the lavish state dinners.

Now, tell me about the pumpkin porridge that the nurse tries to give you, is that what life was all about? Because the glitter and tinsel are no longer in the monitors or resuscitation machines around you, those marches and applause are now sounds of alarm sensors regulating your vitals that become weaker.

Can you hear the people of your country outside your room? It must be your imagination or the effects of the morphine, because you are not in your country, you are somewhere else that's very far away and among people that you do not know. Yes, you are dying in your own exile, among a group of urchins who you tried to give your own country away to. You will spend your last moments among the pimps and hustlers, among a brown-noser court who only showed you affection because you gave them money and power, and whom all look worried and angry.

You never let any of them have an opportunity to succeed you, and now you leave them in the open and your country to the brink of war, Is that what you wanted? Was that your mission in life? Forget the story of the poor; they are poorer now than when you first came into power, forget about justice and equality when you gave away your country to a foreign army that we will now have to evict by force at the expense of many more lives.

I have a slight impression that you now know that you were wrong, you believed in a fairytale path and believed that you were a revolutionary, and because you were a revolutionary, immortal. You called onto the dead to be by your side, your heroes, ghosts who you believed to had been alive, Bolivar, Che, Fidel and Marx who you never met but recommended his books.

By walking with the dead, for you it was magical and brought you in front the babalawos, where you tried to fix graves that weren't broken and make offerings to a court of demons and evil spirits that are now with you. Do you feel their presence in the room? They have come to collect, to get the only thing that is of any value in your life and how badly you bet it against the darkness and evil, your soul.

Well, I must now say goodbye, I just wanted you to know that you will go down in history as a traitor and a coward, and that you did not make things right when you could of. You got carried away by your arrogance, your ideals, and your ideology by giving up the most precious thing, your freedom and the freedom of others. After all, freedom is what makes us human.

Socialism only works in two places: Heaven, where they do not need it, and Hell where they already have it."

Day by day the world is on alert of the changes in the health of Hugo Chavez; while in Venezuela several church masses are being held by people who are praying for the president's health. Other presidents like Evo Morales have also talked about the poor health conditions of the Venezuelan president. Meanwhile, the next chapter in the history of this Latin American nation waits.


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