Man seduces thief to recover his iPhone

Nadav Nirenberg, the man who didn't give up

A man from New York by the name of Nadav Nirenberg, lost his phone on the seat of a taxi on New Year’s Eve, a situation that might be familiar to all of us, but the incredible part about this story, or rather ingenious, is the way that he recovered his iPhone.

After calling whoever had found the phone, and even sending messages offering to pay a reward, Nirenberg got no response and almost lost hope on recovering his phone. Suddenly, he then realized that the thief had signed on to an internet dating site using Nirenberg’s old profile.

Nadav Nirenbeg then decided to become a beautiful 24 year old woman, who seduced the thief on the website for a date at his apartment.

The thief then showed up well dressed, perfumed and with a bottle of wine in front of Nerenberg’s door, in which then Nerenberg opened his apartment door with a hammer in hand and threatened him.

He told the thief that the police were on their way, which then immediately the thief decided to give Nerenberg his phone back.

Before the story was published in various news sites, Nerenberg told his story on his blog and keep on talking about it on his Twitter account. You can find him as @ NadavNirenberg, where even his followers are now giving him advice on how to better protect information that he stores in his iPhone.

Neirenberg dedicates his time to music, plays several instruments and even composes some musical arrangements.



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