Prison escape with a cat?

Another feat in a Brazilian prison

In a prison in Alagoas, Brazil, a kitten was used by inmates in an attempt to escape. The cat had entered the prison, but prison guards captured the animal before any attempts for an escape were made. After the capture of the animal, they then realized that attached to his body were objects like saws, batteries and a cell phone to aid in the escape.

Since it is not known who trained the cat inside the prison, so far, more than 200 prisoners remain as suspects.

The Cat
The Cat
The objects
The objects

The cat was found on December 31, 2012, but it wasn’t until yesterday that a press release was made by officials from the Alagoas state prison.

A few weeks ago, the Brazilian prisons also attracted the attention of the public eye when a man got stuck in a hole while trying to escape.

Neither of these attempts has been successful, but who knows what else will come out this prison for the remainder of this year.


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