Gabrielle Giffords announces "Americans for Responsible Solutions"

There are many personal interests in the firearms industry

It has now been two years since the ex-congressman from Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in the head, and her recovery has been impressive.

Due to the recent shootings, both Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, have introduced a new organization called "Americans for Responsible Solutions", an organization who will seek new measures for those who acquire firearms to assume the responsibility of owning a firearm that it implies, so it can reduce the incidences of violence related with firearms.

After visiting the victims of Newtown Connecticut and a meeting with the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomerg, Giffords decided it was time to do something about it.

Americans for Responsible Solutions will also seek to raise funds to help lobby for gun control reforms in regards to gun ownership.

In USA Today, Giffords said that this is not about finding a balance in the matter, because there are many personal interests in the firearms industry, and although they support the Second Amendment. She added that people should also be more responsible, and pointed out that gun owners are less responsible for their weapons than they are with their own cars.

Gabrielle Giffords said that this organization would be an ally to the legislators who have come to feel pressured by the influence of institutions such as the National Rifle Association.

"We can't be naive about what it will take to achieve the most common-sense solutions. We can't just hope that the last shooting tragedy will prevent the next." wrote Giffords in USA today.

For more information, the organization has a website you can visit at,


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