Hilda Solis resigns as U.S. Secretary of Labor

The first Latina to head a major federal agency

Through a letter to her fellow colleagues, Hilda Solis had announced that she had presented her formal resignation as the U.S. Secretary of Labor to President Barack Obama.

Solis is the first Latina to head a major federal agency such as this one, and the only Latina member of president Obama's cabinet.

This decision was taken while she was on vacation during the winter with her family, and said that she had decided to begin "a new future."

Solis spoke about this matter through her personal Twitter account.

Before taking the position as the U.S. Secretary of Labor in 2009, Solis held a seat in the California State Senate.

President Obama also recognized the great effort that Solis had made in looking after the best interest and wellbeing of the American people. He also commented on Hilda Solis decision and said, "her efforts have helped train workers for the jobs of the future, protect workers' health and safety and put millions of Americans back to work."




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