Construction for new pedestrian building at "El Chaparral" begins

Estimated to be finished by March

The Government of Baja California, through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development of the State (SIDUE), estimate the completion of a new pedestrian building at "El Chaparral" to be ready by March.

This building is part of the new measures that have been taken to strengthen and modernize the busiest border crossing point in the country.

Carlos Flores Vasquez, who heads the SIDUE, said that the investment of 35 million pesos (2.8 million USD) and the progress of the construction effort are significant for the completion of this project to be finished on time.

This new building will house various state agencies such as the Institute of Management and Valuation of Assets (INDAABIN), the National Bank of the Army, Air Force and Navy (BANJERCITO), as well as part of the Tax Administration Service (SAT ).

This bridge will replace the one that is currently operating at the San Ysidro checkpoint, the same one that pedestrians use to cross from the United States to Mexico.

The purpose for this new pedestrian infrastructure is so that it can connect to the other checkpoint on the other side of the border, but that will happen once the U.S. government completes their tasks related to this construction on their side.

It is expected that "El Chaparral" will achieve greater efficiency, and serve more dynamically in its operation of this intersection that people use to cross the border daily between Mexico and the United States through the city of Tijuana.


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