Possible 5th victim from fatal dog attack

Authorities continue to investigate the attack in a park in Mexico City

The Attorney General of Mexico City announced today that it is investigating the death of a teenager that occurred last December that could be possibly related to the recent attack dogs, which would number of deaths would total up to five.

In a statement released by the attorney general's office, it said that it "found a new possible case of a dog attack that occurred last December of a teenager that led to her death."

The 15 year old victim, Ana Gabriela Nataret, was found in the neighborhood of Iztapalapa with bodily injuries that were "possibly caused by dogs", and taken to a hospital where she died. According to the coroner's report, her body showed "multiple injuries and penetrating injuries in both arms, among other parts."

Because of this, a further investigation was launched due to "the existence of a new possible case of homicide caused by dogs".

On Monday The Attorney General informed that according to forensic analysis performed on four bodies found in late December and early January, these people died from injuries caused by a pack of wild dogs in the ecological reserve of "Cerro de la Estella" located in a Iztapalapa.

In response to these deaths, the city authorities conducted a raid to capture the dogs that were in the area and caught 25, but according to the local media, that figure rose to 36 in the following days.

The capture of these dogs and pointing out their role in the deaths generated a great controversy in social networks and in various media networks, primarily between animal advocacy groups who question the conclusions of the authorities and demand that they hand over the dogs for adoption.

Furthermore, on Twitter numerous comments were made and the creation a Facebook page named "yosoycan26."

The comments made ranged from requests for the release of the dogs, find the "real killers", and even ridicule and sarcasm against the Mexican authorities.

Authorities from Mexico City this morning announced that the dogs will not be put down.



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