Harvard University petition against former Mexican President Felipe Calderon

Students and activists reject him through change.org

The ex-president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, this month had to been already incorporated into the Harvard University staff, but due to some protests against him and a petition that was created at change.org that has 13,000 signatures so far, and counting, has slowed down this process.

The type of policies and the way that Felipe Calderon governed Mexico in his 6 years in office, have been very controversial and questioned by many who argue that with an estimated death and missing person’s rate of 80,000, how can someone with that type of history be allowed to teach?

Harvard University had confirmed the participation of the Felipe Calderon more than a month ago through their official website, and announced that he would be part of the faculty at the John F. Kennedy School of Government from January to December 2013.

The spring semester for Harvard University is scheduled to begin on February 9, 2013, a date that is becoming a much anticipated one, where both activists and protesters who created this petition are ready to welcome the ex-president of Mexico onto the campus.

Previously, Felipe Calderon was speculated to be hired by the University of Texas, but due to similar actions like these by protestors and activists, Calderon was not accepted by the University and the whole deal did not go through.




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