Good bye Microsoft Messenger

March 15 will be the date

"Renovate or Die" has been taken literally by Microsoft who as of March 15, 2013, the company will be killing the Messenger, Microsoft Messenger Live that is, and will be substituting it for Skype. Microsoft notified users about this change via email.

Instant messages, video calls and land line calls among others services will be available through Skype who has upgraded to their most recent version 6.0.

In regards to this change, the only thing that users will have to do in order to preserve their list of contacts would have to simply be to download and install Skype into their Mac or PC.

Once users follow the proper steps for installation, the program will then open up with the list of contacts just how it used to be in Messenger.

One advantage through Skype is that the program is available for tablets and smart phones, which if users already have Skype installed into their devices, the list of contacts might be able to be transferred.

This news was released since November of last year through Skype's official website.

Are you ready for this change?



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