Rape in India continues

7 more men arrested

Last Friday night, a 29 year old Indian woman was raped in back of a bus while on her way home. Similar to the attack that occurred a few weeks ago of a 23 year old student that made headlines all over the world, and that resulted to her death from the attack.

In this recent incident, the driver of bus in which the woman was riding in, instead of going on his regular route, he drove the female to a remote area where five other men appeared, and all six men took turns raping the woman throughout the night and left her in her hometown on Saturday morning.

Also on Saturday morning, a 32 year old man was arrested for allegedly raping and killing a young girl of only 9 years of age. Her body was found the day before

Citizens, activists and protesters alike are now pressuring the lawmakers of India to severely punish those who commit these types of crimes with either the death penalty or castration.




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