Tijuana Police Department goals for 2013

Crime decreased by 27% last year

Corruption rates have also declined considerably, now that officers have better working conditions, it is difficult for them to risk it all just for a bribe. It is noticeable when an officer is conducting these types of activities, and in many cases they are investigated immediately and separated from the institution.

During 2013, Tijuana will be governed under a new administration which will not affect this institution. Any changes that may occur will be protested against by the resident of this city because the current conditions are optimal; in any case they are only looking for changes that will improve it. All security forces like the military, state and local elements will continue under one command to continue guarding the city of Tijuana and its visitors.

Everyone is encouraged to make complaints to the phone number 066, but if you do not receive any response, you can also call other police station numbers that can provide you with any support as quickly and possible. The phone numbers are by areas and are as follows:

Centenario : 6642419750

Cerro Colorado : 6643342809

La Mesa: 6644951706

La Presa: 6643459988

Los Pinos: 6642036557

Mesa de Otay : 6643132898

Playas de Tijuana: 6643389630

Presa Rural : 6641116300

San Antonio de los Buenos : 6643013830

Sánchez Taboada : 6643073974

Zona Centro : 6642192313




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