Lance Amrstrong: Cycling might be eliminated from the Olympics

Olympic committee takes bronze medal away

A few hours ago, the Olympic committee made it official that Lance Amrstrong’s bronze medal will be stripped from him. Armstrong obtained this medal through his participation in the 2000 Olympic Games, where he placed third in the competition.

This is one more of the consequences of this great controversy that has surfaced due to Armstrong being accused of doping, denying it, being investigated and apparently confessing to Oprah Winfrey in a two part interview which the first part will be broadcasted today.

A member of the Olympic committee, Dick Pound, stated yesterday that if Armstrong was able to get the International Cycling Union involved, there would be a possibility that cycling would be eliminated from the Olympics, due to the union’s involvement in hiding this doping problem.

Armstrong has been also stripped from 7 Tour de France tittles, and as the result of this interview, he could possibly face several million law suits against him.



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