Aston Martin celebrates 100 years of their history

A special event in Dubai

This British automaker of luxurious cars celebrates 100 years of their history and to commemorate this mile stone, they have decided to launch a new special limited edition vehicle, the Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition.

This edition is very unique because a lot of time went into painting it and adding good quality finishes with special details.

Only 100 cars of this model will be made for sale.

The Vanquish Centenary Edition was presented in a very peculiar way in Dubai, in which the helipad of the 7 star hotel of Burj Al Arab was used.

When the vehicle arrived to its destination, a group of selected guests got near the vehicle to take a closer look. And among the invited guests was the British ambassador, Dominic Jermey, who said, "If you were a world-class spy or a secret agent, this is the car you would have."

Jermey joking around then added, "This is the dream car of any ambassador."

VIDEO: The Aston Martin close to the sky



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