Hugo Chávez might be sworn-in as President in Caracas

Doctors are trying to stabilize his weak heart

Venezuelans are still hopeful that Hugo Chavez will soon return to take office and officially begin his term as president, but his health condition still remains delicate.

The Spanish newspaper ABC is reporting a series of alternate news about Chavez health condition, and recently about two weeks ago reported that Chavez suffered a cardiac arrest. Failures of his heart show signs of great physical weakness which the medical team treating Chavez has done everything possible to stabilize him. They are hoping to be able to move him to Venezuela where he will also remain hospitalized.

Venezuelan authorities have said that the president is recovering from respiratory problems that have affected him, but his condition still remains serious. The new concern regarding Chavez health is the possibility of him having a hemorrhage in the abdomen area, if this occurs, then Chavez could not be operated because his body would not withstand the procedure.

Sources close to the Venezuelan and Cuban government claim that the intention is to stabilize Hugo Chavez, so that he can take over office and render Nicolas Maduro as Vice President of the nation because they do not trust Diosdado Cabello.

The plane take-off could affect Hugo Chavez health, which in case it happens, he is expected to return to Venezuela and check into the Caracas Military Hospital, where after being inaugurated he will continue to be hospitalized while his terminal cancer advances.

Hugo Chavez has been in Cuba since December 11, 2012, where he has received medical attention for several years.


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